Social Studies

Get everything from historical maps to famous people and places! Graphics are included to support K-12 social studies subjects including history, community, and geography.


Here you will find graphics that will help your struggling math students who have difficulty visualizing the concepts you are teaching. The graphics support mostly elementary math.


Teacher's get labeled, outline, or unlabeled versions of our science and math art. Clipart designed to meet your needs as an educator or involved parent.

General Interest

Click here to find of variety of clipart to decorate your classroom or website. Emphasis is on holidays.

Language Arts

In language arts you will find everything from alphabet animal graphics and phonics graphics to story starters for famous literature.

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Why Clipart for Teachers?

We wanted to create a free site that would provide teachers with the kind of clipart you can use to create quality curricular materials for your classroom. Whether it's the finishing touches for your classroom boards, creating a slide show to explicate a difficult concept, or just to add some fun to dry subjects, we wanted to give you the chance to be the creative teacher you strive to be.

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