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Our Approach

Our Approach

We create clipart with for real life uses in the classroom. All of the art was created by a team of teachers and artists. In these uncertain times we thought that offering teacher tools for free would be the right thing to do. We hope that you make use of the clipart to enhance student outcomes, make your day a little easier and to help you meet the needs of your diverse classroom. We hope you can help the visual learners in your classroom to "see" the concepts you are teaching. We hope that a little whimsy might help that reluctant learner sitting in back of your classroom. We hope you will use our graphics to make science come alive and social studies jump off the page, screen or bulletin board. In short, our hope is that you will use these graphics with our best wishes. With 30 years in the classroom myself, I know that every little bit helps me to become the teacher I picture I could be.

Our Story

Meet the Team

We are a team of teachers and artists who combined our skills, talents and experience to create Clipart for Teachers.


Arnie Uretsky

Founder & CEO


Cookie Uretsky


Steven Stinnett

Lead Artist

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